Change from Human Doing to An Awakened Human Being...

What are the benefits of achieving the state of beingness?  

✅ Achieve calmness and stillness instantly  

✅ The ideal non-attached state to achieve your greatest desires  

✅ Increases your influence  

✅ Better relationships with a significant reduction in conflict and toxicity  

✅ Improve your immune system  

✅ Better health and vitality  

✅ Become a more powerful conscious creator  

✅ Increases creativity  

✅ Heightens awareness for opportunities  

✅ Significant improvement in leadership skills  

✅ Increases emotional intelligence  

✅ Easier to pain and suffering from past traumas

More About The 66-Day Beingness Social Experiment

During the 66 days days, you will be taken through a number of processes that will help you to bring you to a higher state of consciousness and self-awareness. 

It takes 66 days to take form a new habit. The habit which we are forming is beingness. This translates into operating from calm, stillness and responsiveness. By the time you've completed the programme, you would have developed the key building block that puts you firmly in the driver's seat of your destiny. 

What will you do each day?

  • Do a meditative practice/process to bring you into stillness. 
  • Write a short journal to ensure you accelerate your transformation.
  • Complete short surveys to report the results back

You will also be offered two live webinars to enhance your self-mastery journey

About Harun Rabbani

Harun Rabbani has been in the personal development space since 1998. His clients have been enjoying deep, immersion into personal, professional and spiritual transformation at his seminars and retreats in the UK and abroad.  

Harun helps his clients to remove the blockages, barriers and illusions that prevent them from experiencing true meaning in their lives. His method of healing integrates quantum physics with ancient healing principles. Harun is descended from a 600-year lineage of healers from the Sufi tradition, which is all about tapping into the heart's power to heal oneself.  

Harun has interviewed some of the most remarkable transformational leaders in the field of consciousness, including Dr Joe Dispenza, Dr Bruce Lipton, Dr Judith Orloff, Prof. Konstantin Korotkov, Dr Manjir Samanta-Laughton, Dr David R. Hawkins, Marianne Williamson, Dr Jude Currivan, etc

Harun has written a number of influential books and courses on self-healing, including "How To Heal Yourself: The Powerful Guide to Transforming Your Mind, Body and Soul" and "Managing Anxiety With Ease".  

Harun also delivers keynote speeches, webinars and private consultations.  

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