Discussion About Transforming Your Energy Field

Energy Fields - The Truth. Live Webinar.

Learn How Your Personal Evolution Impacts Global Transformaion

Harun Rabbani - Founder of The Heart Academy

Prof. Konstantin Korotkov, www.Bio-Well.com


During The Interactive Webinar, Discover:

  •  Why Your Energy Field Is Vital...to your health, happiness and fulfilment 
  • How Your Energy Field Is Compromised...and how to protect yourself against them 
  • If And How Consciousness Survives Death...and what proof does science have to demonstrate "spirit"
  • How Different Peopl's Energy Fields Affects Your State Of Being...Did you know that all spaces have consciousness?!
  • How An Energy Healing Works...and in what different ways you can self-heal

These are just some of the topics that were covered during this interactive webinar. 

If you’re experiencing challenges in your health, wealth and relationship, then this webinar is for you. Get The Replay Now.